Watch Bachha Gabbar Ka (2023) Hindi Movie Full Free Online

Director:Neha Sudha Vijay

Starring:  Jayant Gadekar, Anubhav Bhalla, Rachit Kumar

Genre: Drama

Released on: 20 August 2023 (India)

Writer: Neha Sudha Vijay

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

Duration: 1h 18m

Synopsis: Veeru, 25, finishes his 12th, & now wishes to become a rapper, but as soon as he puts forth his dream in front of his family, they think he wishes to become a raper (balatkari) & throws him out of the house. While figuring out what next, He is been lifted by a few bandits. Veeru enjoys their company & decides to be a bandit himself. But then he is confused whether to become a rapper or a bandit.






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