Watch Ishq Ka Pyaada (2023) Hindi Season 1 Complete Full Free Online

Director: Azam Siddiqui

Starring: Kabir Singh, Shruti Dutt, Gulzar Siddiqui, Sonali Sharma, Punit Sethi, Shoma Gupta, Tariq Jamal, Akeel Tyagi, Abhishek Singh, Abhijeet Bhardwaj

Genre: Drama, Romance

Released on:12 August 2023 (India)

Writer: Azam Siddiqui

IMDB Rating: 10.0/10

Duration: 1h 47m

Synopsis: It is a story of a young boy who madly falls in love with a girl and gets distracted from his focus on career and forgets about his responsibilities.





Drama, Romance

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