Watch Mirza (2024) HQ Hindi Dubbed Movie Free Online

Director: Sumeet Goradia, Saahil Goradia

Starring: Ankush Hazra,Jammy Banerjee,Biswarup Biswas

Genre: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

Released on: May 10, 2024 (India)

Writer: Arnab Bhaumik,Saahil Goradia,Sumeet Goradia

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Duration: 2h 45m

Storyline: Amidst the vibrant streets of Kolkata, Mirza, a young man, is plunged into a harrowing tale of vengeance and despair after tragedy strikes. When his son-like friend, Montu, falls prey to Sultan, a merciless drug lord reigning over the city’s underbelly, Mirza’s world is shattered. Fueled by grief and determination, he vows to avenge Montu’s death and confront Sultan, seeking justice for his beloved friend



Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

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