Watch The Haunting 2 (2023) Unofficial Hindi Dubbed Movie Full Free Online

Director: Wang I Fan, Wu Cheng Zhe

Starring: Wang Yan Xin,Yu Xiang,Li Meng Meng,Li Ming,Tian Lu,Ba Rong

Genre:Thriller, Mystery, Horror

Released on: Apr 20, 2023

Writer: Wang I Fan, Wu Cheng Zhe

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

Duration: 1h 16m

Synopsis: The so-called "haunted house" refers to a house where someone has died in a tragic manner. It is said that those who die in such a way are unwilling to accept their untimely demise because their lifespan has not been fulfilled. "Mr. Haunted House" Jiang Shuo, on the other hand, purchases haunted houses





Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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